Scientific Publications

The project has generated many papers on the technologies and solutions developed while working towards its vision of a more sustainable and efficient production of raw minerals. This compilation of articles in scientific journals and repositories with open access holds works related to the project’s main three pilots: Robotized measurement inspections before and after blasting, Autonomous material handling at face, and, Logistics and mine monitoring.

Application of MEMS-Based Accelerometers for Near-Field Monitoring of Blasting-Induced Seismicity

Krzysztof Fuławka; Piotr Mertuszka; Marcin Szumny; Lech Stolecki; Krzysztof Szczerbiński

– KGHM Cuprum

COMPRA: A COMPact Reactive Autonomy framework for subterranean MAV based search-and-rescue operations

Björn Lindqvist; Christoforos Kanellakis; Sina Sharif Mansouri; Ali-akbar Agha-mohammadi; George Nikolakopoulos

– Luleå University of Technology 

Ensuring Robot-Human Safety for the BD Spot Using Active Visual Tracking and NMPC With Velocity Obstacles

Samuel Karlsson; Bjorn Lindqvist; George Nikolakopulos

– Luleå University of Technology 

Multimodality robotic systems: Integrated combined legged-aerial mobility for subterranean search-and-rescue

Björn Lindqvist; Samuel Karlsson; Anton Koval; Ilias Tevetzidis; Jakub Haluška; Christoforos Kanellakis ; Ali-akbar Agha-mohammadi; George Nikolakopoulos

– Luleå University of Technology 

Novel approach for the destress blasting in hard rock underground copper mines

Piotr Mertuszka, Marcin Szumny, Krzysztof Fuławka, Piotr Kondoł

– KGHM Cuprum

Seismic evaluation of the destress blasting efficiency

Krzysztof Fuławka, Piotr Mertuszka, Witold Pytel, Marcin Szumny, Tristan Jones

– KGHM Cuprum