1. Design and demonstrate a 5G communication network optimized for mining systems that solves comprehensive connectivity needs for a complete mine system including operational efficiency in particular in a continuously evolving mine.

Contributing focus areas: 4

2. Develop, integrate and demonstrate the fully autonomous inspection (visual monitoring, gas measurements and general inspection) of underground working environments with possible high safety risks in a mine, like the extraction zones after blasting as well as the shafts.

Contributing focus areas: 7

3. Demonstrate improved performance of the drill and blast cycle in the mine by enabling the early access to the muck pile for the autonomous loader. The battery powered machine can enter the area right after blasting occurrence without the risk of damaging machine components.

Contributing focus areas: 8,9

4. Develop and demonstrate AI enabled environmental perception and reactive navigation for enhancing local autonomy in machines and mining operations

Contributing focus areas: 4, 5, 7, 8

5. Demonstrate collaborative automation of the material handling by utilising several machines, such as Load-Haul-Dumps (LHDs) and Trucks, working collaboratively together towards the overall objective of achieving complete automation of the ore flow.

Contributing focus areas: 5, 8,9

6. Demonstrate ore transportation (logistics within the mine) using autonomous machines that can either collaborate with manually operated machines or be used in the area, where the manual operations occur (managed mixed traffic)

Contributing focus areas: 8,9

7. Develop and demonstrate in operational conditions a rock stress monitoring system to improve work safety and ensure appropriate working conditions aiming to maintain an efficient and uninterrupted technological process.

Contributing focus areas: 6

8. Demonstrate that the full potential with digitalization can improve whole mining processes though better fleet management/control and unit operation optimization.

Contributing focus areas: 8

9. Adapt, develop and implement telecom Operations and Maintenance (O&M) tools, services and processes to the mining specific needs and requirements.

Contributing focus areas: 4

10. Pave the way for future mining by – formulating a concrete vision for future mining workplaces on human terms – we call this vision the Digital Miner

– formulating strategies for a safe introduction of autonomous carbon neutral mining machineries – increasing the understanding of the metals and minerals as key enablers for the sustainable society and green transition by communicating project results, achievements, results and possible impact.

Contributing focus areas: 1, 2, 10

11. Trust – to build social license to operate and social acceptance for European sustainable mining by – communicating project achievements and results and their possible impact – increasing knowledge about sustainable mines and mining technologies and how they enable a sustainable society and through supply of raw materials

Contributing focus areas: 1,2,3,10